Innovate and adapt to survive

No matter where your business finds itself today, you will recognise that tomorrow’s customer or client will continue to evolve and you need to keep pace. But innovation tomorrow is hard to prioritise against core business today.

Which is where Nelop Innovation comes in. Whether it’s a new business opportunity, a spin off product or simply the innovation process itself, Nelop can get you started using our tried and tested innovation practices to get you started, get testing and developing, and make real change in your business.

Collaborate to Innovate

Rather than simply outsourcing the process or project, our approach is a collaboration between us and your team, capitalising on their experience and knowledge of your market, retaining expertise within your existing teams, and helping to incorporate a startup mentality in your business. Utilising the best methodologies from the startup world and combining it with the invaluable experience of your people, you get a unique framework that will embed innovation strategies and attitudes in your organisation.

Our step by step process

We have worked with The NHS and Off The Fence to build new solutions that exactly meet their requirements. It’s not easy, but having worked in enterprise and the startup world we know how to build lean and also be compliant to enterprise standards. Where there are skill gaps we can find resource and train where required.

The Result

An example is a recent project for the NHS, in less than 12 months the solution is live and scaling. To date this project has saved the NHS 1,000,000 hours for GP's and has an effective reach of 20% of the population. In addition, employees are empowered to develop new solutions within the organisation and this only the start.


We have created startups within organisations, spinouts from universities and built startups from the ground up. Over the years we have worked with many industries: Financial Services, Healthcare, Film and TV. If we don't have the particular skills in a certain area, we know how to find the right people to help.

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