IT Audit

It can be overwhelming fighting fires while keeping up with the latest developments in technology.

We have created an audit that identifies what the next steps are for your organisation.

Everything is designed to meet your requirements, we have no preferred suppliers or partners, the resulting plan is bespoke from the ground up to fit your requirements.

Our process is simple

We ask questions, listen, discuss options, then help you deliver the solution.

It's up to you how we work together, we are happy to deliver a one off audit to help you identify the right path, we can also work closer and help you through every stage of delivery.

A standard audit is a three day process:

We sit down with the relevant people in your organisation and listen to their issues and what they need.

With the information given we work through the options and design the right plan of action.

We talk together to ensure the design fits exactly into your companies schedule and requirements.

Following on from an audit we can offer support, consultancy and a range of other services.

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