What we do

We offer consultancy, working with you to develop your business, your team and your IP rather than paying for a product that may not be a 100% fit for you.


We work with you to design the right solution for your needs.


Throughout the entire project lifecycle we can help you meet your targets.


We can make sure everything is ticking over perfectly and uptime is kept to a maximum.

Who we work with

Businesses owners that have been putting off digital transformation because big change in well established, large businesses can feel like a monumental hill to get over. The pace of change is relentless. Having time to focus on the future while also thinking about all the business challenges of right now, can feel overwhelming. Even the best leader, the most energetic business owner can end up feeling stupid and just incredibly tired. Even if they’ve spent the time to research how they might be going about digital transformation the products available on the market aren’t quite the right fit, implementation needs a depth of understand in both the existing business and also in the technology need to transform it. We have recently completed a project developing a web portal to deliver training and reporting to GP’s for the NHS. This is one of the first projects linking the NHS with external cloud providers, Nelop designed a scalable solution that offers a high level of stability while meeting all external requirements. A considerable part of the project was extensive upskilling, implementing industry standard processes and protocol to offer an enterprise grade solution.

How we work

In order to make it as simple as possible we work to a five stage process

  1. Discover, Research and Document requirements

  2. Design a solution

  3. Deliver the solution

  4. Testing and reflection

  5. Ongoing support

Building an internal team to help implement and deliver, to embed the knowledge and understanding for all the reasoning behind each design decision.

What our clients say

Darrel James

Darrel James

Chief Operating Officer, Off The Fence BV

I cannot recommend Nelop Systems and Neil Chandler highly enough. Following serious IT issues and problems we engaged Nelop Systems to audit our IT systems and equipment. We then engaged Nelop Systems to overhaul our entire IT infrastructure. We now have a first rate multi site IT set up. Neil is innovative, cost conscious, available, knowledgeable and has been a pleasure to work with.

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