I built an automated Crypto trading platform, and lost money.

Published by Neil on

This is quite cathartic for me, a month ago I decided to build a Quant platform to automatically buy and sell Cryptocurrencies, the idea is simple, buy low and sell high.

After a ton of coding I have the platform working, without any interaction it buys and sells Cryptocurrencies. There has been a good few mistakes along the way, the biggest being a selling module that would never sell when you are in profit, only in loss, it's a great way to loose cash quickly.

A few tweets from a billionaire also caused a markets to crash, but it gave me an opportunity to put precautions in place and test them on a live market. So when the next time the market crashes, I know everything is taken care of.

But all was not lost, the system is backup and this time it isn't loosing money at an alarming rate, it's just trickling away.

Now this makes me wonder, does this system have the potential to create a health return when the market is going up? At the moment the market is not in a great shape for Crypto, but if losses can be kept to a minimum maybe things will change when the market picks up, interesting times ahead.

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